Smarter engineering solutions for the electronics industry

Developing complex connected products for the Internet of Things (IoT) intensifies pressure on businesses to deliver quickly, at optimal cost and quality. Competition, consumer expectations and new business opportunities constantly drive the need for new product capabilities and features.

IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions for electronics help you manage the challenges of complexity, quality, collaboration and compliance when creating products for the IoT.

“The Internet of Things offers a potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to more than

USD 11 trillion

a year in 2025”*

*Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things. McKinsey Global Institute, June 2015

IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions for electronics

Agile requirements management, quality management, collaborative workflow management, change and configuration management, and more for the electronics industry.

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With IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions for electronics, you can:

Tackle system and design challenges

Improve design efficiency and change management by managing requirements and traceability.

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Build with quality and compliance in mind

Expedite compliance and improve quality through better traceability, control, analysis and reporting.

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Deliver an integrated experience

Create better products faster through improved collaboration across teams and engineering disciplines.

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Case study

Diagnostic Grifols, a leading medical device provider, boosts documentation efficiency by 30% to streamline compliance and improve product line management.


Thanks to IBM Rational software and ULMA Embedded Solutions, we were able to deploy a new set of tools that will enable us to deliver a new generation of diagnostic solutions for our healthcare clients worldwide.

Jordi Manzano, Instruments R&D Director at Diagnostic Grifols

Featured: Regulatory compliance with
smarter medical devices

Making hardware and software work together for a healthier world

Quality and standards compliance is expected in features even though quality and testing budgets are continuously being squeezed. Industry regulations can add months or even years to a project, even though market and competitive pressures require a much faster turnaround.

IBM IoT continuous engineering solutions provide continuous verification and validation of design through the lifecycle, detailed traceability and automated status and regulatory reporting to improve quality and streamline compliance processes, and enhanced fault and hazard analysis to quickly identify and resolve issues.

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