Gaining a competitive edge with IoT for Electronics

As billions of devices are added to the Internet of Things, companies need a way to harness IoT in a way that gives them a competitive advantage. To do this, companies need to gain unique insights from their IoT data. IoT for Electronics provides this, enabling companies to uncover new data-driven insights that can transform their business models, create new experiences for customers, increase operational efficiency and improve environmental stewardship.

For the electronics industry in particular, the competitive advantage that can be gained by using data to develop insights is critical─especially as the industry faces increasingly fierce competition, rapid technology advancements, globalization and the challenge of meeting the demands of today’s tech-savvy consumers.


IoT for Electronics helps you work in new ways and with new industry partners to exploit emerging opportunities and create next-generation connected products.
IoT for Electronics enables:

The ability to capture and
analyze IoT data in real time to generate insights

Easy device and user
registration, pairing, preference setting and alerts

A scalable and secure platform
that can handle tens of millions of devices across the globe

Efficient administration
capabilities that address specific industry needs

IoT for Electronics: Transforming industries

IoT for Electronics uses device data to help you develop insights that can drive more effective, personalized engagement with customers and partners. Device connectivity and insights derived from customer and market data, as well as external data sources like The Weather Company, will transform the customer experience so you can:

  • Grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty to develop new revenue channels.
  • Enable personalization to retain your most profitable clients and partners.
  • Establish an “always-on” channel with the consumer to increase wallet share.
  • Deliver greater value from connected products and services using smart notifications and updates.

IoT for Electronics Starter

IoT for Electronics enables the collection of data from connected devices and applies advanced analytics to reveal valuable information about the health and performance of assets, products and services in real time. Using this fully integrated, cloud-based IoT solution, electronics companies can build logic around device data to predict and prevent device failures before they occur. Because this solution uses both structured and unstructured data, it can draw on a wider range of information to:

  • Detect anomalies or failure patterns before problems occur.
  • Improve customer loyalty with better quality products and services.
  • Determine risk factors to streamline production, reduce defects and protect the brand and company reputation.
  • Optimize maintenance schedules based on the asset’s actual condition.

IoT for Electronics Starter

IoT for Electronics uses device data to help you optimize existing processes as well as create new, enhanced processes to lower costs. Connected assets, equipment and products can lead to better supply chain orchestration and asset performance while cognitive analytics improve supply chain visibility and reveal real-time insights to:

  • Improve fulfillment and channel coordination.
  • Monitor asset health and increase uptime.
  • Produce the right products at the right time.

IoT for Electronics Starter

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