Linking drivers and their cars with the road to improve the driving experience

Today's cars are moving data centers with onboard sensors and computers that capture information about the vehicle that can be accessed in real time. IBM IoT for Automotive extends the power of cognitive computing to connected cars, acquiring data from sensors and systems to improve the in-car experience.

Watson IoT for Automotive links drivers and vehicles to the surrounding environment to improve the mobility experience. With IBM Watson IoT for Automotive, you can:

Improve product quality and safety, and easily diagnose issues.

Increase vehicle availability through condition-based maintenance.

Enable connected services that improve the in-vehicle experience.

Connect with external data sources to optimize fleet logistics.

IoT for Automotive: Transforming industries

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers can optimize production, and diagnose safety and vehicle malfunctions on the road. Stay ahead of costly recalls by understanding product quality and enabling rapid assessment of safety issues.

Featured product: IBM Predictive Maintenance, Quality and Warranty

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Automotive companies, telecommunications providers and bold start-ups are developing new revenue streams and increasing loyalty by providing connected apps and services. New services are being consumed not only in vehicles, but also through smartphone apps remotely by consumers.

Featured product: IBM MessageSight

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A vast majority of automotive executives believe that non-traditional industry participants will cause the greatest disruption for the automotive industry over the next decade. Many want to deploy new business models aimed at creating new value for consumers to help them navigate their transportation needs.

Featured product: IBM Bluemix

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