When it comes to early education, no one knows preschoolers like Sesame Street—and no one understands cognitive technology like Watson. The two are partnering to deliver personalized educational experiences that adapt to the way individual children learn best.

A connection made on Sesame Street

Sometimes the most exciting breakthroughs start with a simple idea. Like using the power of media to reach and teach children. Sesame Street and IBM are working together to bring personalized learning to kids around the world—because the best education in the world is one that is unique for every child.

IBM and Sesame Street understand childhood education

A significant extent of brain development occurs in the first five years of a child's life—making these years critical for learning and development. Sesame Street has over 45 years of deep expertise gained through research and more than 1,000 studies on how young children learn best. Watson’s ability to absorb, correlate and learn from huge amounts of unstructured data and then deliver very personalized educational experiences will help transform the way in which kids learn and teachers teach.

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