Our grant programs are designed to apply IBM’s resources to specific projects and programs that fit within our targeted areas of interest, and to enhance IBMers’ support of their communities worldwide.

IBM Impact Grants

IBM Impact Grants provide consulting expertise and software specifically designed to support educational and not-for-profit organizations in their efforts to serve our communities. The diversity of these grants allows IBM to deliver services and technology that meet the ever changing needs of the not-for-profit sector.

Smarter Cities Challenge

The Smarter Cities Challenge is a competitive grant program awarding $50 million worth of IBM expertise over three years to 100 cities around the globe. These grants have addressed topics from urban agriculture to public safety.

IBM Community Grants

IBM Community Grants support employees and retirees who volunteer regularly with not-for-profit organizations. In 2011, community organizations received grants with a value of $10 million through IBM Community Grants.

Matching Grants

The IBM Matching Grants program enables employees and retirees (North America only) to increase the value of their donations to educational institutions, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and cultural and environmental organizations with a matching gift from IBM. In 2010, 5,703 organizations received grants with a value of $14.5 million.

Grant guidelines

IBM partners with organizations which have a tax-exempt classification under Sections 170(c) or 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. We do not make product and services donations or grants to:

The overwhelming majority of our activities are proactively initiated by IBM, and are not a result of unsolicited proposals. We do not encourage unsolicited proposals.

For information about our activities, please contact your local IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs manager. View the directory

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