Employee Well-being

Supporting the Health and Well-being of IBMers

IBM's proud heritage of excellence and our long history of leadership and commitment to employee health, well-being and workplace safety date back to the very beginnings of the company. IBM established a leadership position on workplace safety even before Thomas J. Watson, Jr. issued our first formal policy in 1967.

"Advancing the health, safety and well-being of our global workforce is an absolute priority; it's a commitment that encompasses the environments in which employees work and the communities in which they live."Martín J. Sepúlveda, M.D. FACP, IBM Fellow, Vice President Integrated Health Services

Employee well-being is incorporated in every aspect of IBM's global business, from our strategic and business plans to operations such as procurement, construction, manufacturing equipment, real estate leases, product development, acquisitions and outsourcing arrangements.

As IBM continues to transform and expand into global markets, we have evolved from a product and manufacturing-centric employee base to a more dynamic, customer-centric mobile workforce. Currently 40 percent of IBM employees work remotely, either from home or at a client site.

Additionally, global economic, demographic and emerging healthcare trends pose challenges to IBM's ability to ensure the health, safety and well-being of its workforce.

These challenges require a "total health management" framework that not only transcends the implementation of traditional employee well-being programs, but also recognizes the importance of promoting optimal physical and psychological health. This framework also provides for a coordinated and synchronized approach that works consistently across disparate geographies and time zones. Driven by IBM's Well-Being Management System, it ensures proactive planning, execution excellence, measurement and continuous improvement in all areas of employee health and well-being.

IBM's Integrated Health Services organization — consisting of occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, safety, health benefits and wellness professionals — is responsible for implementing employee well-being programs that are proactive, relevant, and effective in managing the highly complex, diverse, and ever-changing health and safety needs of our employees around the world.

Explore the following subjects to learn more about how IBM supports the health and well-being of all IBMers.

IBM has implemented a global and centralized system to mobilize all of its various healthcare and wellness initiatives, linking to business strategies.

Best practices in health and safety management help prevent work-related injuries and illnesses among our employees worldwide.

A set of principles guides our commitment to a maintaining a safe and supportive environment in which employees can flourish.

In countries worldwide, IBM has instituted innovative programs to promote employee health and well-being.

IBM has taken a leadership role in fostering public policy initiatives to help improve the U.S. healthcare system.

IBM is continually looking at ways to help employees juggle their responsibilities and demands on their time — at work and at home.

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