A new charter

Given the speed and diversity of the global marketplace—geographically, culturally, ideologically—our success as a global enterprise depends on our ability to work effectively across those differences and using diversity to drive innovation.

In July 2008, senior leaders across IBM laid out a new charter for a company diversity strategy to help safeguard the continued viability and growth of IBM on a global scale. As part of the new charter, we are revalidating our diversity competencies, integrating them into every development and evaluation process, and restructuring programs. Importantly, those revamped competencies include ensuring employees have a deeper level of cultural intelligence and the ability to collaborate and lead across the globe.

For example, we noticed that typical IBM international assignments did not align with the new strategy. As a result, we are revising our approach—defining goals to increase global opportunities for high potential, next generation, technical and leadership talent from every demographic group. In addition we are providing specific transitional support for employees on assignment regardless of duration. We are also creating processes to maximize the application of their experience and knowledge after the international assignments end.

Diversity: Speaking out on GLBT Issues

On September 24, 2008, IBM provided expert testimony on the business rationale for adoption of Domestic Partnership Benefits at the federal level. IBM was selected to provide the corporate perspective and advisement on implementation for the public sector.

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