Corporate Service Corps

A Triple Benefit
Communities have their problems solved.
IBMers receive leadership training and development.
IBM develops new markets and global leaders.

How it works

The Corporate Service Corps selects top management prospects and then trains and dispatches these leaders to emerging markets around the world. Participants spend four weeks in groups of 10 to 15 to help solve economic and social problems of their selected communality. Teams work collaboratively with their government and community counterparts to understand how to implement socially responsible business practices with measurable results in a global context.

The teams spend three months preparing for their assignments in a robust curriculum that includes education about their host countries, project problem statements, and time for team building via teleconferences and social networking websites. Participants who are not from the consulting practice also immerse themselves in consulting methodology appropriate for working in emerging markets. On location, teams work with local governments, universities, and business groups on a variety of initiatives ranging from upgrading technology for a government agency, increasing international tourism to a government funded poverty alleviation initiative, working with artisans to improving public water quality.

Who we are

Each team is composed of individuals with a broad array of skills as employees are drawn from across IBM’s business units and geographical locations. Participants are emerging leaders who bring a unique perspective and desire to increase their cultural awareness and knowledge of effective business and service delivery practices. Participants must easily adapt and excel in challenging global environments where they hone their problem solving and teaming skills.


The Corporate Service Corps offers a triple benefit: leadership training and development for the communities, leadership development for the participating IBMers, and greater knowledge and enhanced reputation in the growth markets for IBM.

Since its launch in 2008, the Corporate Service Corps has had a positive impact of the lives of more the 140,000 people through skills transfer and capacity building. Many thousands more have been positively impacted through the services of the organizations the Corporate Service Corps has supported. The Corporate Service Corps program has sent over 2500 participants on over 250 teams to more than 30 countries around the world. The participants come from over 60 countries and have served communities in Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan , Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, The Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, UAE and Ukraine . The program continues to expand to new locations each year.

At the same time, this program benefits IBM and IBMers by increasing IBM's understanding and appreciation of growth markets while creating global leaders who are culturally aware and possess advanced teaching skills. A global business and service perspective is instilled in program participants and community partners through a dynamic business environment promoting social, business, and economic development. The Corporate Service Corps program enables significant, scalable contributions to global communities while cultivating effective global leaders.


PYXERA GlobalPYXERA Global, formerly CDC Development Solutions, is a leading international engagement organization creating groundbreaking partnerships between the public, private, and social sectors. Leveraging the strengths of corporations, governments, social enterprises, educational institutions, and individuals, PYXERA Global enhances the abilities of people and communities to solve complex problems and attain mutually beneficial goals. With a quarter century of experience, PYXERA Global initiatives include global pro bono programs, local content development, and integrated community development efforts.
Through our global pro bono programs, PYXERA Global has placed thousands of business-oriented volunteers in over 90 countries. Global pro bono programs are designed to apply the skills and experience embedded in corporations to address challenges of economic growth, agriculture, health, education, ICT, environmental sustainability, and governance in these markets. Global pro bono programs yield a triple benefit: they enhance the skills of a company’s top talent, they deliver significant and impactful benefit on the ground, and they provide companies with insight into new markets.
Through an iterative and interactive process, we guide our partners in developing global pro bono service programs uniquely tailored to meet the company’s needs. Together, we identify optimal program duration, participant selection, project scope design, and target geographies. Keeping each client’s strategies and goals in mind, we work together to develop a robust pilot, ensuring the program meets its intended objective and that it can be scaled in future years. PYXERA Global has partnered in designing and implementing successful global pro bono programs with a range of organizations including IBM, PepsiCo, FedEx, John Deere, Dow Chemical, and Pfizer.
Since 2008 PYXERA Global has partnered with IBM to implement its Corporate Service Corps and Smarter Cities Challenge initiatives in over 19 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, India, Japan, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Russia, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Romania, South Africa, and Ukraine.

With footholds and partnerships already in place across the globe, PYXERA Global has the capability to develop global pro bono programs end-to-end, or any portion of a program, as needed. We excel at managing experiences where participants are safe and secure, feel personally and professionally challenged, and are confident that their work will make a measurable contribution to global shared value.

We pride ourselves on designing and managing solutions that achieve real-world goals yet also inspire, enrich, and endure.

For more information on PYXERA Global’s initiatives and services, please contact Amanda MacArthur by phone at 1-202-530-76901-202-530-7690 or by email at Please also visit our website at

ABV. Australian Business Volunteers.Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) was established in 1981 to provide effective business skills training to small and medium sized enterprises across the Asia Pacific region using highly skilled and experienced professionals. In the past 32 years, ABV has delivered over 5,000 capacity building projects in 34 countries, including Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Vietnam as a CSC/SCC partner with IBM. ABV has been delivering CSC and SCC programs since the program's inception in 2008.

Dot. Digital Opportunity Trust.Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is a leading international social enterprise - an innovator in enabling people to access and apply information and communications technologies (ICT) to create education, economic and social opportunities. DOT’s vision is to make these opportunities available to marginalized people, especially women and youth, as a strategy to eradicate poverty, vulnerability and gender inequality. DOT provides 'hands-on' exposure to a variety of ICT applications and key national and local economic and social priorities and networks - that are critical elements in effective community service.

Headquartered in Canada, DOT is the Service Corps partner for participants assigned to Turkey, China, Egypt, Kenya and Tanzania.

VSOVSO is one of the leading global NGO’s recognized for our unique approach to development through volunteering. We believe in the role corporate partners can play in development and have several innovative partnerships with multinationals. One of our distinctive approaches is our capacity to involve employees as participants in our projects.

We work in 31 countries with over 500 partners in the areas of Education, Participation & Governance, Health, HIV and AIDS and Secure Livelihoods. In 2014/15 we aim to make a difference in the lives of 1.8 million people, and support over 135,000 people to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.

USAIDIn 2011, IBM, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and PYXERA Global announced a partnership to encourage corporate volunteerism with a goal of improving global relations via a “citizen diplomacy” model. IBM donated the services of 100 IBM employees to work on community based projects in areas such as healthcare, women's enablement, municipal governance and citizen services in countries like Ghana, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal and the Ukraine. IBM also shared materials and consulted on operational details of their Corporate Service Corps program to aid the alliance's longer term goal of expanding the number of companies and volunteers who assist developing countries, providing benefits for sponsoring companies, employees, and the local customers in emerging markets.

“It’s not just philanthropy, it’s leadership development and business development, and it helps build economic development in the emerging world.”

— Stanley Litow
IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs

Case Study


Executive Service Corps

An expansion of the successful IBM Corporate Service Corps, the Executive Service Corps deploys teams of IBM executives to solve complex problems in cities of high growth emerging markets. In 2010, six IBM executives set off for Vietnam with the intention of helping city planners, entrepreneurs, and NGOs develop a road map for a smarter city in Ho Chi Minh City.