Corporate Service Corps

A Triple Benefit
Communities have their problems solved.
IBMers receive leadership training and development.
IBM develops new markets and global leaders.

Date Title
April 4, 2014 Busy Professionals Find Time to Be Global Humanitarians

Adriana Ramirez’s black suitcase was neatly packed a week before her big, international trip. There’s no room for procrastination when you’re a mother of two young children going on a month-long business trip.
And this is no ordinary trip.
She is in Brazil assisting an organization that helps poor children with cancer get free medical treatment. Normally, the idea that she might be able to support a cause so far away would be nearly impossible. As a wife, mother and IBM manager overseeing billing and invoicing for federal contracts, she just simply wouldn’t have the time.
February 26, 2014 IBM Dispatches Data Driven Volunteers to Combat the World's Ills - NYSE

What if a corporate philanthropy program could deliver high-quality problem solving for communities, provide leadership training for employees, and prove so popular that thousands of employees apply to take part each year? That’s the scenario for IBM Corp.'s (NYSE: IBM) innovative Corporate Service Corps, which has sent 2,400 IBMers around the world since its start in 2008.