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Product Take Back for Recycling

IBM's Product Take Back for Recycling Program

IBM has chosen The UPS Store® and participating Mail Boxes Etc.® network centers (UPS uses certain Mail Boxes, Etc.® centers) to facilitate our no–charge product take back for recycling program. The UPS Store® and participating Mail Boxes Etc.® centers in participating states will accept covered equipment (as defined below) for shipment to IBM recyclers. Once you deliver Covered Equipment to The UPS Store® or a participating Mail Boxes Etc.® center, it will be packaged and shipped a facility where it will be recycled. Alternatively, a FREE home pickup / mail back service is now also available via United Parcel Service (UPS) for residents in specific states. See "Instructions" section below for details.

What is Covered Equipment?
The term "Covered Equipment" means computer products and peripherals bearing the IBM logo and consisting of desktop computers, notebook computers, monitors, displays, processing units and associated keyboards, mice, modems and disk drives. Cables and cords that accompany the Covered Equipment (whether or not they bear the IBM logo) may also be included with the Covered Equipment for product take back. Printers are not, at this time included in the product take back program and are therefore not "Covered Equipment". Covered Equipment may be returned with or without the original packaging it came with.

Products that do not qualify as Covered Equipment will not be accepted for shipment.

May I return damaged Covered Equipment through the product take back program?

For purposes of this recycling program, Covered Equipment that is damaged or otherwise non-functional may be returned under the product take-back program. However, cracked or broken monitor screens or any Covered Equipment showing visible leakage (example: leaking or corroded batteries) will not be accepted for shipment. Contact your local municipal hazardous waste facility for proper handling and disposal of such products.

Before I submit my Covered Equipment for take back, is there anything I should do to protect my personal information or confidential information?
Before submitting your computer for take-back, you must remove all personal or confidential information from your hard drive. By using this product take back program, you agree that you are responsible for erasing, deleting and removing any personal or confidential data from the Covered Equipment prior to returning the Covered Equipment for shipment and that IBM, Mail Boxes Etc.® Inc, The UPS Store® and Mail Boxes Etc.® retail centers are not responsible for erasing, deleting and/or removing personal information or confidential information from your Covered Equipment.

Consider using data wiping software to erase your hard drive prior to submitting it for take-back. Alternatively, you can remove the hard drive before submitting your computer for take-back. Some states provide guidance, as well as the names of particular data wiping software products, on their home pages for product take back or in Frequently Asked Questions about their programs.


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Other Environmental Programs

Recycling Programs for Businesses: Commercial businesses (not home based) returning more than one IBM product should refer to this web site for instructions and recycling programs appropriate for your situation.

For Batteries Only: Recycling and Disposal — United States

In the United States, IBM has established a return program for recycling and proper disposal of used Sealed Lead-Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium and Lithium Ion batteries and battery packs. The Battery Recycling and Disposal Guidance provides information on how to ship your batteries back to IBM for proper recycling and disposal. You may also contact IBM at 1-800-426-4333 for battery disposal information.

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