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IBM is the world's largest IT and consulting services company, operating in over 170 countries. IBM has been present in the Middle East since 1947 and is committed to bringing innovative solutions to a diverse client base -- to help them overcome their business challenges and to seize competitive advantage in the marketplace. As well as being a global business and technology leader, IBM has a strong local presence in this region, operating with a number of business partners who provide additional support, services and expertise. Through partnerships with businesses and governments across the world, IBM can help to build a smarter planet.

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Level 14, Commercial Bank Plaza, West Bay
P.O. Box # 27111
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974-44-527-970 Tel: +974-44-527-970

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General Enquiries and Customer Support for the Middle East
(+971) 4 390 7171 (+971) 4 390 7171

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IBM in Qatar
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IBM's environmental commitment begins with our operations and extends through our products.

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Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, IBM Corporation

General Manager Middle East & Africa


2015 performance

$81.8 billion

Operating pre-tax income:
$17.7 billion

Operating EPS:

* All dollar figures are US
Source: http://www.ibm.com/ibm/us/en/ (US)

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