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    PureSystems Solutions for
    Cloud Infrastructure

PureSystems cloud solutions dramatically simplify and speed up cloud-based deployments, providing a faster path to demanding business objectives and ROI. Each solution provides specific benefits: PureFlex maximizes flexibility during implementation; PureApplication is designed for cloud-based application services; and PureData addresses data services.

Solutions for Enterprise and Managed Service Providers

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    Enterprise Private Cloud Solutions

    IBM Enterprise Private Cloud Solutions provide a secure, easy-to-deploy infrastructure for businesses of all sizes with simplified manageability and significant operational cost savings. PureSystems platforms can optimize the data center with a smaller energy footprint than most competitive solutions. The ability to coexist and scale means that performance improvements can be realized from day one.

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    Service Delivery Solutions for Private and Public Cloud

    For businesses that deliver services on the cloud, IBM Cloud Solutions are an ideal choice. Designed for immediate return on investment, these solutions provide a high degree of reliability and performance that translates into higher service levels and greater value. With seamless scalability and monitoring, capacity is easily added to match growth. Additionally, these solutions can handle the most demanding applications — even the most stringent real-time workloads, including streaming media and the new social and mobile connected world.

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