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PureSystems - Deliver faster insights

Accelerate the delivery of analytics

IBM PureData, powered by Netezza technology, provides a data solution right out of the box.

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PureSystems - Top hybrid cloud predictions

Top hybrid cloud predictions

What do experts say 2015 will bring for hybrid cloud? Tune into this video chat recap featuring IBM, client and industry leaders to find out.

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PureSystems - The best-in-class data warehouse: fast, simple, impactful

Best-in-class data warehouse

Aberdeen Group examines the benefits of simplicity and speed in a data warehouse solution.

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PureSystems - Forrester completes total economic impact study

Forrester completes total economic impact study

Reggie Lau, Forrester senior consultant, reveals the value of IBM PureApplication solution through a customer’s experience.

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PureSystems - Serious (and simple) analytics

Serious (and simple) analytics

Small and midrange businesses know size matters. IBM introduced a smaller, rack-mountable system just for them.

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Pete McCaffrey - Director of Marketing, IBM PureSystems

Analyst talks hybrid cloud

Clabby Analytics founder and IBM PureSystems executive chat about thriving in the hybrid cloud era with IBM PureApplication solutions.

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PureSystems Events
Event Location Dates
ITSM Summit 2015 Pheonix, Arizona April 9, 2015 Registration
CIO Summit New York, New York April 14, 2015 Registration
Smarter Process Briefing Charlotte, NC April 16, 2015 Registration
DevOps Continuous Release and Deployment Edmonton, Candada April 21, 2015 Registration
Innovation Summit Lima, Peru April 21, 2015 Registration
BusinessConnect Buenos Aires, Agentina April 22, 2015 Registration
DevOps Continuous Release and Deployment Winnipeg, Canada April 22, 2015 Registration
Smarter Business Summit Mississauga, Canada April 23, 2015 Registration
SOA, APIs and Hybrid Architecture Summit Chicago, Illinois April 28, 2015 Registration
IBM Empower 2015 Sandiego, CA May 11-13, 2015 Registration
Edge 2015 Las Vegas, USA May 11-15, 2015 Registration
Sales Force Toronto, Canada May 14, 2015 Registration
Sales Force Washington, DC May 28, 2015 Registration
Gartner BMP Summit Sydney, Australia June 1-2, 2015 Registration
Connect Event Brussels, Belgium June 2, 2015 Registration
Connect Event Amsterdam, Netherlands June 9, 2015 Registration
BPM and Case Management Global Summit Washington, DC June 22-24, 2015 Registration
BusinessConnect Zurich, Switzerland September 3, 2015 Registration
BusinessConnect Berlin, Germany October 8, 2015 Registration
BusinessConnect Vienna, Austria October 14, 2015 Registration
Insight 2015 Las Vegas, USA October 25-29, 2015 Registration

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PureSystems - Accelerating cloud, analytics, mobile and social
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PureSystems - IBM PureData System for Analytics: Embracing speed & simplicity for a competitive advantage
Simple is STILL better

This colorful graphic offers interesting statistics about how companies are looking beyond traditional data approaches for competitive advantage. Download the infographic