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Fast-tracking innovation and growth with cloud

What if…

What if cloud became the growth engine for your business?
It’s not only possible; it’s nearly an imperative today. The good news: you can build an enterprise cloud environment faster, easier and with less risk.

Improving IT efficiency with cloud

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The IBM PureSystems family offers more than 200 patterns and virtual appliances to simplify a cloud deployment. By removing hundreds of decisions, you can get there faster – and bring innovation to the business.

Accelerating cloud at the pace of business


Cloud Patterns

“I want the easiest, fastest way to bring existing applications to the cloud.”

Pre-defined patterns automate the complex process of cloud-enabling your applications. Encapsulating the essential elements, they let you create the app once, and deploy in any cloud environment unchanged, providing seamless portability. Patterns can also automate monitoring and lifecycle management – saving time, resources and expense while dynamically meeting service levels.


Cloud Premises

“I need to optimize applications across on-premises and off-premises clouds based on business needs.”

With a dynamic hybrid cloud, you have the flexibility to build and deploy applications strategically in on-premises clouds, off-premises clouds – or both. You can even split an enterprise app, keeping some mission-critical elements in-house and sending the rest into a public cloud environment – and then easily move as your business requires. You get the benefits of both private and public clouds but also a bonus: workloads that are interconnected and optimized automatically to the best-fit infrastructure.


Cloud Possibilities

“I want our cloud investment to pay off in business growth and innovation.”

Cloud today is about more than extending access or making operations more efficient. It can be the idea incubator to help your organization nimbly explore, adjust and deploy innovations. Enable you to try new mobile apps before integrating them in the enterprise. Develop and test before rolling into production. Enter new global markets without investing in physical infrastructure. Cloud opens up extraordinary possibilities.