Accelerate application delivery
with simplicity and speed.

Reduce time to create and deploy applications

“I need to reduce the time to stand up applications
and fast-path projects.”

Predefined patterns capture and automate the many steps needed to configure and deploy an enterprise application –and help you reduce deployment time from weeks to days

Adapt to changing market demand Patterns equip your enterprise to achieve game-changing improvements.

Manage costs to keep budget in check

“I need to reduce costs of infrastructure maintenance and
free up resources to fund innovation.”

Application patterns are ready-to-go solutions that eliminate the time and money needed to architect and support a new application,so your team can focus on other mission-critical projects. And you can deploy the pattern on a public cloud and pay only for what you use.

IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer Deploy cloud services in a fraction of the time.

Enhance customers’ experience to drive innovation

“I need to be more agile to respond quickly to new market
demands from our customers.”

It’s often difficult to take the risks necessary to innovate applications.Expert patterns like DevOps help you easily test in the cloud and bring securely back into your enterprise

What is driving DevOps Acceleration?

IBM’s Sanjeev Sharma gives his perspective in this video chat.