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How to run advanced analytics and up to a
thousand or more concurrent queries per second

A real-time data warehouse optimised for the right balance of analytic performance and operational query throughput

Organisations across industries need actionable insight in their business operations. In an increasingly competitive landscape, organisations require analysis of large sets of data made up of both historic and current, or operational data. A high percentage of queries – often up to 80% - are interactive look-ups focused on data about a specific customer, account, patient, etc. This requirement from operations and applications supporting real-time decision making, require data warehouses optimised for the right balance of analytics performance and operational query throughput.

The IBM PureData™ System for Operational Analytics is an expert integrated data system designed and optimised specifically for the demands of an operational analytics workload. It provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution for operational analytics with the simplicity of an appliance and the flexibility of a custom solution. The solution delivers mission-critical reliability, scalability, high performance and high throughput for up to thousands of interactive queries per second.

Discover how real-time operational analytics can help you achieve competitive advantage

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