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PureApplication Solutions

Cloud. Pure and simple.

IBM PureApplication™ Solutions offers you IT lifecycle simplicity in a box, providing a standardized cloud application platform for your web and database applications.


Rapidly extend cloud



Want to learn how to quickly and easily bring your applications to the cloud?
Tune in to the weekly IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer webinar to see how to capture, move and manage apps both on- and off-premises.


Forrester study: The impact of IBM PureApplication Solutions
The Total Economic Impact™ study identifies the value of deploying IBM PureApplication Solutions, such as reducing IT administration costs, improving IT provisioning and enhancing business resiliency.

Product Offerings

  • ExtendYourApplication

    Extend your applications to the hybrid cloud

    Imagine if you could easily move on-premises applications to the cloud and retain control. IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer can help.
    See it, try it and buy it (US)

  • ComparingIBM

    Comparing IBM PureApplication Solutions

    How built-in expertise, integrated design and a simplified experience make the difference in application deployment and lifecycle management.
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  • ComparingIBM

    Don’t hire expertise. Plug it in.

    PureApplication Solutions include a platform-as-a-service delivered in a single integrated system, representing a new era of computing with built-in IT operational expertise.
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Power of Patterns

Patterns simplify and automate tasks across the lifecycle of the application. Customers and partners alike are seeing significant reductions in cost and time across the application lifecycle with the deployment of a PureApplication Solutions.

  • Adjust to rapid changes, such as application usage spikes, in near real-time.
  • Identify problems faster and speed deployment of solutions
  • Reduce maintenance time and cost

Application Patterns

Pre-defined application architectures, and required platform services, that are deployed and managed by the system according to a set of policies.

Platform Patterns

Pre-configured and policy managed platform services such as caching, elasticity, failover, load balancing, security and application service, database and messaging middleware.

Infrastructure Patterns

Automated, policy driven infrastructure management across compute, storage, and networking resources.



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