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PureData System for

Powered by Netezza technology, the IBM PureData™ System
for Analytics is a simple database for serious analytics.

Simplify and optimize performance of complex analytics for analytic
applications, enabling very complex algorithms to run in minutes not hours.

Watch the IBM PureData System for Analytics Tour with Phil Francisco
  • Phil Francisco

    Phil Francisco

    Netezza Product Management
    & Product Marketing at IBM

Built-in expertise


  • Netezza technology that is designed to expertly manage database workloads and uses Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for high-performance processing of analytics
  • More than 200 in-database analytics functions, which support analysis where the data resides to eliminate costly data movement, yielding industry-leading performance while hiding the complexity of parallel programming
  • Built-in Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) 4.0 support, which enables prediction and scoring within the database
  • In-database geospatial analytics, which correlate transactional information to a location, enhancing applications such as fraud detection and supply chain optimization

Simplified Experience


  • No assembly required—ready to load data in hours
  • Simplified integration with 3rd party software
  • Single integrated management console
  • Single line of support
  • Integrated system fixes and upgrades

Integration by design


  • Hardware and software capabilities specifically designed, integrated and tuned for high performance analytics
  • Patented data filtering with programmable hardware for ultra-fast execution of complex queries—without the need to maintain indices, aggregates or partitioning
  • An innovative, asymmetric, massively parallel processing architecture that supports petabyte scale

What are the features and benefits of this system?

  • Speed


    10-100x faster than traditional custom systems1

  • Fast time to value

    Fast time to value

    5 TB/hour load speed2

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  • Simplicity & ease

    Simplicity & ease

    Minimal tuning & administration and greater resilience

  • Smart


    complex algorithms in minutes and rich
    library of integrated analytics

  • -Footnotes

    1. Based on IBM customers' reported results. "Traditional custom systems" refers to systems that are not professionally pre-built, pre-tested and optimized. Individual results may vary.

    2. Based on IBM internal testing using IBM PureData System for Analytics N2001. Single rack load speed of 4.8 TB hour, multi-rack load speed of 5.25 TB/hour. Assumes customer source systems and network can accommodate quoted load rates. Individual results may vary.

Customer story

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