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IBM PureFlex System has really brought about a revolution for our business, and we
could not be more satisfied with the choice we have made.

Claudio Rizzo, IT Marketing Manager, BinHexS S.r.l.

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How IT Will Reorganise For New-Generation Platforms — And Achieve Business Responsiveness

To meet business demands for more solutions faster at lower costs, IT leaders are transforming their systems, organisations, people, and processes. This Independent Study shares insight Forrester gather from IT leaders and it's own research into the ideal IT organisation for today's needs.

Forrester Research is a global research and advisory firm serving professionals in 13 key roles across three distinct client segments. To help clients understand, strategize, and act upon opportunities brought by change, Forrester provides proprietary research, consumer and business data, custom consulting, events and online communities, and peer-to-peer executive programs.