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Welcome to IBM in Kenya.

For over sixty years, IBM Kenya has been directly involved in encouraging growth and development within East Africa. Our Nairobi office is the operations headquarters for IBM in the region and oversees eight countries including Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Djibouti.

How We Work with Business Partners

Finding the right Business Partner just got easier. IBM has a network of skilled Business Partners who know your marketplace and Kenya. As an extension of IBM, using our customisable solutions and experience we are able to create offerings best suited to your needs, from consulting and integration to customized industry or infrastructure applications. Use the IBM Business Partner Locator (US) to find a service provider with a particular set of skills, a technology reseller or a consultant with industry expertise.

Corporate Service Corps

In addition to IBM’s work with corporations across Kenya, IBM has also been deeply involved with the people of Kenya through its international corporate volunteering program, the Corporate Service Corps. Introduced in 2008, it is IBM’s version of the Peace Corps. Since the launch of Corporate Service Corps in 2008, nearly 1,600 IBM employees based in 60 countries have been dispatched on more than 150 team assignments in 30 countries. Recently, IBM deployed its seventh CSC team to Kenya. Each group comprises 6-10 individuals paired up to work on key projects.

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For answers to general questions about IBM in Kenya, call Tel: +254 20 283 4000

Nik Nesbitt – Country General Manager for IBM East Africa

Nik Nesbitt Nik Nesbitt is the Country General Manager, IBM East Africa. Previously, Mr Nesbitt was the founder and CEO of KenCall and has also held various executive roles in markets across Africa, North America and Europe.

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