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Welcome to IBM in Kenya

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Welcome to IBM in Kenya

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About IBM

What 'smarter' means


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• Dedication to every client’s success • Innovation that matters–for our company and for the world • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships


2013 year-end from continuing worldwide operations
Revenue: $99.8 billion
Net income: $16.5 billion
Total assets: $126.22 billion
Number of employees (worldwide): 431,212
Stockholders of record: 473,872

Case studies

430,000 new accounts without any new branches (PDF, 155KB)

Microfinance has radically changed millions of lives across the developing world but, as these Micro Financial Institutions (MFIs) scale up to provide literally millions of loans they must also interface with the established banking sector, operating to the same standards as conventional financial institutions.

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50% more oil without drilling (PDF, 171KB)

Worldwide energy consumption is expected to grow 53 percent between 2008 and 2035, with most of that energy being supplied by oil and gas.


182 million new customers without any new IT systems (US)

A late entrant to the wireless telecom industry needed a plan to take market share from established competitors in a rapidly growing market, forcing them to look at a completely new business-driven infrastructure that allows for rapid implementation and delivery of new services.

125,000 documents without paper (EG)

The library of a major university in Egypt, home to thousands of documents and manuscripts pertaining to Islamic culture dating back hundreds of years, wanted to find a secure way to digitally preserve and share its information with students and researchers worldwide.

$100 million in payments every day without a bank (PDF, 669KB)

In developing markets, where many citizens do not have bank accounts, moving money around can be a challenge.

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