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Adapting to a changing world

Rapid changes in technology and international trade are reshaping contemporary business models and corporate approaches to workforce management. Companies, together with their employees, must confront rapid market shifts, greater differentiation between business processes and skill sets, demanding customer-driven business needs and global competition. Moreover, employees have different expectations about workplace flexibility and communication as a result of generational differences, technological changes and new workforce tools at their disposal.

IBM succeeds by being able to employ and deploy the best and most suitable talent, regardless of where they are based, to wherever they are needed by our clients. A flexible and highly skilled global workforce is a critical component of IBM's success and workforce competitiveness.

To respond to contemporary global workforce challenges and advance the policy goals dictated by the changing nature of the business, IBM established a global workforce policy team to identify and resolve global public policy issues that impact IBM's growth. Our focus is on the following areas: