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Energy and

Sustainability solutions
Good for your business, good for the planet

The new environment of business

The need for organizations of all sizes to create sustainable business practices and manage resources at a macro level is here; it's real, and it's immediate. By gathering, synthesizing and applying information in new ways, organizations can help create wholesale shifts in entire industries and governments—making them more efficient, more intelligent, and more sustainable.

IBM is announcing new responses to these issues, such as the Green Sigma™ Coalition, created in partnership with like-minded companies who want to help organizations become more efficient and sustainable. They can help reduce operating costs, thrive in new markets, build supply chains and business operations that minimize environmental impact. They can help anticipate and prepare for new regulatory requirements and enhance brand value.

We can help you create intelligent systems that optimize resources at the macro level (smart grids, water, traffic) and at the product development level, providing actionable, time-relevant data to gain insights and inform forward-looking decisions. Automate, monitor and control two-way flow of energy from power plant to plug. Help prevent outages, restore outages faster, enable consumers to manage energy usage. Create transportation systems that optimize for traffic flow and decreased CO2 emissions. Use predictive analytics for better water management. Suggest corrective action.

The competitive advantage created by this new way of thinking can be enormous; the impact to our planet is now.

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