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Energy and

Green data centers
A smart systems approach to green IT

A holistic approach to energy management

Environmental regulations, rising energy costs, expanding datacenters—these are a few of the challenges driving the need for energy efficient, sustainable infrastructures. Building a green infrastructure requires new focus, a holistic approach to your entire infrastructure, not just your IT equipment. Green infrastructures instrument, manage and optimize across many types of infrastructure—including green IT, data centers, facilities and building management systems—to help reduce costs, alleviate operational issues and prepare for the rapidly emerging regulatory environment.

Effective energy management enables the maintaining of business service levels and starts with gaining visibility into energy usage data across the entire IT environment. IBM offers a practical approach to managing and optimizing energy beyond the data center, to include building infrastructure and other network connected property and assets.

At IBM we build energy efficiency into our products, and we can help you with everything from data center strategy and assessments to data center design, build, consolidation and relocation. We recognize that a smart systems approach to processes and infrastructures can be a key to solving today's energy issues. We work with organizations worldwide to develop comprehensive green IT and business strategies, and provide services, systems and software to help build a green infrastructure.

European Commission awards IBM for energy efficient
data centers

In January 2012, the European Commission (EC), the executive body of the European Union, awarded 27 IBM Data Centers in 15 different countries the participant status on the Data center efficiency, based on the European Union (EU) Code of Conduct for Data Centers. The honor represents the largest portfolio of data centers from a single company to receive the recognition to date. The European Union Code of Conduct is a voluntary initiative, developed in collaboration with the industry, promoting energy efficiency performance standards for data centers.

IBM maintains energy efficiency leadership in its data centers by deploying uniform practices across the world. Additionally IBM applies its innovative solutions like Measurement & Management Technologies.

"Energy and climate related issues are part of our long standing corporate commitment to environmental leadership", says Harry van Dorenmalen, IBM Chairman, Europe. "Therefore the recognition by the EU Code of Conduct is very important to us. It shows that based on our Smarter Planet vision we can substantially reduce energy consumption in many ways for our own company, but also for our clients and even to our society at large."

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