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Improving market access for all

IBM seeks to eliminate market access barriers that we face today and to prevent barriers that we might face in the future. Since IBM firmly believes that open markets and competition promote economic development and innovation and create tremendous benefits for society, our first course of action is to explain to government leaders how eliminating market access barriers will benefit their economies and help them to reach their national goals. If necessary, we engage governments in the United States and other countries for help in making our case to targeted markets. With the help of supportive governments, we may also seek to address our issues through negotiated trade agreements or other international policy mechanisms.

Market access issues that concern IBM include, for example:

IBM believes that the elimination of market access barriers and the adoption of market-based mechanisms and public-private partnerships are the most effective ways for governments to advance their economies.

In addition to barriers that could directly affect IBM, we are also concerned about barriers and restrictions that impact our clients. As our clients obtain improved market access and grow around the world, IBM can grow with them, providing the technology solutions that they need to manage their global businesses. Therefore, IBM supports broad market liberalization and increased competition across all sectors of the economy.

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