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Position statement

Nations strive to craft efficient and economically sound tax systems to raise revenues needed for government services. At the same time, they also seek to enable their citizens to create and increase economic value and thereby raise standards of living. Increasingly, a variety of tax incentives are being used to promote and sustain the technological advancements that enhance overall national welfare. National tax policies should also reflect the realities of the global marketplace with rules that help their citizens and enterprises compete on a level playing field.

IBM supports tax policies around the world that are based on these general principles. Many countries, including the U.S., are reforming their tax systems to reduce complexity and inequity and to modernize policies to reflect an increasingly competitive and interdependent global marketplace. We also support an expanded network of bilateral income tax treaties to reduce barriers to cross-border investment and eliminate double taxation. IBM Governmental Programs partners closely with the IBM Global Tax department and IBM business units on worldwide tax policies and practices that affect our business model. We work at all levels of government and with international organizations to help craft and implement tax policies and practices that help us achieve our global business objectives while following the highest standards of corporate responsibility as a global corporate citizen.

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