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Global Innovation Outlook

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Innovation Opens Up

The Global Innovation Outlook presents a unique audio series featuring some of IBM's ecosystem colleagues voicing their viewpoints on open, multidisciplinary approaches to uncover promising ideas and insights that may transform business and society in the coming decades. Download audio files or subscribe to the podcast feed to learn more about these global dialogues.

  • Makocha Minds mentoring program for African university students
    November 2007

    Rick Boivie, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Makocha Minds mentor.
    Dennis Muchiri, 4th year student at University of Nairobi, Makocha Minds protégé.
    Rick and Dennis speak about mentorship and their experience with Makocha Minds program.

  • Opportunities for Economic Growth in Africa
    June 2007

    Hubert Danso, one of IBM's partners in the Global Innovation Outlook and Vice Chairman of NEPAD's business group is also Managing Editor of Africa Investor. Hubert speaks about the role of public and private partnerships to enable economic growth in Africa.

  • Playing Games at Work
    June 2007

    Byron Reeves, a professor at Stanford University's Department of Communications, the faculty director of the Stanford Media X program and co-founder of a startup called Seriosity talks about gaming environments and how they can be applied to the work place.

  • MMORPGs, the Future of Work and Distributed Learning
    June 2007

    Thomas Malone, Patrick J. McGovern Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and the founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence speaks about studying the emerging modern leadership trends that are being expressed and developed within online games. A summary of the study, Virtual World, Real Leaders is a Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 Report.

  • Online Games Put the Future of Business Leadership on Display
    June 2007

    Tony O'Driscoll, who is part of IBM's On Demand Learning organization talks about Virtual World, Real Leaders, a Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 Report.

  • Virtual Worlds: C'mon In, We're Open For Business
    June 2007

    Ginsu (Gene) Yoon, who is the Vice President of Business Affairs at Linden Lab, the creator of Second Life, talks about virtual worlds and their potential for the future.

  • Becoming Upwardly Mobile: Discussing the Potential of a Universal Platform
    May 2007

    Ranjan Kapur, Country Manager for India for WPP, one of the world's largest communications services groups made up of leading companies in advertising, media investment management, public relations and public affairs, and branding and identity discusses changing paradigms in media and content, including the creation of a universal visual language to help combat a high rate of illiteracy in rural areas.

  • Generating Buzz: Walking the Fine Line of Viral Marketing
    May 2007

    Ajoy Krishnamurti, CEO of Sankalp RetailValue stores, the Indian franchisee of the California-based MyDollarStore chain talks about generating word of mouth buzz and how understanding one's market can help a niche' player survive and thrive in the marketplace.
    [Run time: 10:42 / File size: 1.53 Mb]

  • The 'MySpace' Generation and the Changing World of Media and Content
    May 2007

    Matt Britton, the Founding Partner and Chief of Brand Development for Mr. Youth, a New York based firm that provides custom integrated marketing services targeted to the youth market, discusses what's on the minds of today's youth culture including privacy, piracy and authenticity.

  • Driving Innovation in the Automotive Industry
    November 2006

    Tom Blessing, Senior Manager of IT Optimization at Ford Motor Company, and Linda Ban, Global Industrial Leader for the IBM Institute for Business Value discuss existing and emerging automotive challenges including ownership models, safety and new services and functionality, as well as the implications for innovation in the automotive industry.

  • Research = Invention + Innovation
    October 2006

    Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, Chief Technology Officer and President, Xerox Innovation Group for Xerox Corporation, and Cathy Lasser, Vice President, Industry Solutions and Emerging Business at IBM, share their insights on the changing role of research in the 21st century and the type of research that not only advances technology but fosters innovation.

  • Using Innovation to Drive Environmental Regulation
    September 2006

    Dr. Pat Atkins, Director for Energy Innovation, Alcoa, and Wayne Balta, Vice President, Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety at IBM, discuss the numerous environmental challenges facing the world today and suggest ways how we as enterprises and individuals should collectively deal with these complex issues.

  • Competitive Differentiation Through Product Innovation
    August 2006

    Scott Goodman, Vice President of Product Development for Boys' Toys at Mattel, and Linden Mosk, the IBM Client Manager for Mattel, discuss how their companies foster a culture of innovation that elevates their products and differentiates themselves from their competition.

  • Environmentally Friendly Innovation
    August 2006

    Jim Carrick, Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Computer Solutions (SCS), and Tony Pasquale, IBM Certified Channels Manager, discuss applying innovation -- both inside and outside the IT industry -- to building green solutions and improving the quality of the environment.

  • Innovation in the 21st Century
    March 2006

    Veteran journalist Garrick Utley, currently of the Levin Institute of the State University of New York, and IBM's Executive Vice President for Innovation and Technology, Nick Donofrio, discuss the state of innovation in the 21st century - and the changing definitions of innovation required for success today. From the demands of a global economy, to the education challenges faced by the American education system (and others), the next few years must be a period of great change if continued success is to be ensured - for both existing and new businesses, for governments, and academia.