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CDP Supply Chain Project

IBM joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Project in early 2008. Through the CDP's Supply Chain Project, IBM and other member companies are focused on how suppliers are addressing climate change and working to reduce GHG emissions.

As a participant in the program, IBM invited 131 of its suppliers to respond to the CDP's Supplier Questionnaire in 2010. These 131 suppliers represented a cross-section of IBM's supplier expenditures with services, general and production-related suppliers, including such suppliers as third-party data centers, logistic suppliers and rental car companies, all of which have higher levels of energy use and associated GHG emissions.

Of the 131 IBM suppliers that received questionnaires, 113 responded. This 86 percent response rate exceeded the 71 percent average response rate for the companies participating in this CDP program. The following are highlights of the findings from the responding suppliers:

IBM continues to participate in this endeavor because the company wants to work with suppliers who are responsible for the majority of IBM's spend to gain an understanding of their operational impacts and assess where they are with regard to having a GHG emissions inventory and reduction plan. Survey responses showed that about one-third of production suppliers had reduction plans, and about one-half of non-production suppliers had plans.

In 2011, IBM is focusing on working with its total supply base to assist suppliers in developing and implementing a corporate responsibility and environmental management system, whereby all of IBM's more than 27,000 suppliers are now required to assess and identify their significant environmental intersections, implement measurements and improvement targets for those areas, and provide public disclosure of the related programs and results. To complement this management system initiative, as well as enhance trend analysis on the supply base, IBM will again participate in the CDP Supply Chain Program in 2011. Approximately 107 suppliers, primarily those suppliers that responded to the 2010 questionnaire, will receive requests to participate.