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Enterprise collaborative development capability for continuous software delivery

Collaborative development enables collaboration between business, development, and QA organizations -- including contractors and vendors in outsourced projects spread across time zones -- to deliver innovative, quality software continuously. This includes support for polyglot programming and multiplatform development, elaboration of ideas, and creation of user stories complete with cross-team change and lifecycle management. Collaborative development includes the practice of continuous integration, which promotes frequent team integrations and automatic builds. By integrating the system more frequently, typical integration issues are identified earlier when they are easier to fix, and the overall integration effort is reduced via continuous feedback as the project shows constant and demonstrable progress.

Collaborative development offerings include:

Rational® Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution – Extending collaboration between team members for improved software quality and delivery

Rational® Lifecycle Integration Adapters - Extend application lifecycle management with integrations to third-party tools

Rational® Software Architect Family – A robust, scalable platform for solution architecture and software factories for corporate IT, SOA, and general development that supports Java™, JEE, C++, .NET, SCA, Web 2.0, and more

Rational® Developer Family – Integrated development environments (IDEs) for accelerating the development and deployment of Java, Java EE, Web 2.0, COBOL, PL/I, mobile, OSGi, RPG, portal and service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications that fully leverage your backend systems.

Rational® Method Composer - Process authoring software and process library

Rational® Build Forge® Family - Software assembly line automates and accelerates build and release processes

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