Showcase your unique capabilities

In an era of intense competitive pressure, our clients are working with us to change the playing field and drive real business success. And we want to give them a chance to spread the word. By being an IBM client reference, you can showcase the unique capabilities that make your organization stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to let the world know what makes you special?

To participate as an IBM client reference, contact your IBM representative, IBM Business Partner or e-mail us at

Designed to accommodate the needs of you and your company

IBM understands how valuable your time and privacy are. Your IBM representative will work with you to determine your desired level of involvement. And, to keep any imposition on your time to a minimum, your IBM representative will serve as your liaison and will coordinate all communications with you.

How can you share your story?

As a reference client, you identify the types of activities for which you are willing to be considered. Depending on your interest and the available opportunities, we may invite you to share your success story in peer-to-peer conversations, speaking engagements, case studies, video testimonials, social media outreach, media and analyst interviews, advertising, etc.

What’s in it for you?

As an IBM client reference you can:

  • Establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Grow your professional and social networks
  • Gain visibility and promote your business

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