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Smarter Security at IBM Client Centers Europe

In our rapidly changing world, emerging technologies such as cloud, mobile, and social media offer many new business opportunities. However, quite often security concerns are an inhibitor to embracing the new technologies. The ever-increasing sophistication of hacker attacks further aggravates the problem. IBM is advancing security technology so that security is becoming an enabler. Novel security solutions help customers stay ahead of the threats and enable them to exploit the full potential of cloud, mobile, and social media.
IBM Client Centers Europe offers an interactive exhibition on Smarter Security where you can discover IBM’s security solutions and research. The Smarter Security exhibition will travel around Europe in 2014 & 2015.
For any further information about the Smarter Security roadshow, please contact Lydia Feraud.

Tour dates:

IBM Client Center Amsterdam: March 20th 2014
IBM Client Center London: March 26th-April 11th 2014
IBM Client Center Ehningen: May 5th - End of September 2014 (Contact Karin Schwenk:
IBM Client Center Amsterdam: October-December 2014 (Contact Yvo Donders:

Identify & Protect your valuables

A good security strategy relies on knowing what the most valuable assets – the crown jewels – of an enterprise are. Novel methods and technologies assist organizations in identifying their valuable assets and implementing consistent security policies across all layers - infrastructure, people, data, and application – to protect them.

For more information on related IBM Security solutions & Research projects please follow the links below:

IBM Research Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC)

Creates a direct, secure channel to a bank’s online transaction server.


Delivers highly effective cybercrime prevention solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and use.

IBM Security Identity Access Management

Provides automated and policy-based user lifecycle management and access controls throughout the enterprise.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager

Monitor your Systems

Protecting an enterprise also means detecting suspicious activities early on. Harnessing security-relevant information from across the enterprise and applying security analytics help detect threats earlier and respond faster. Security Intelligence solutions deploy most advanced analytics technology, such as Big Data, and provide actionable insight.

For more information on related IBM Security solutions & Research projects please follow the links below:

IBM Research Cybersecurity Analytics Platform

IBM Security QRadar & Managed SIEM

QRadar helps detect and prioritize threats and compliance risks that might otherwise be missed. Managed services for SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) from IBM provide access to global security skills and research capabilities.

IBM Security QRadar

Managed SIEM

Intrusion Prevention System

Provides comprehensive protection while reducing the cost and complexity associated with deploying and managing point solutions.

Managed DDoS:

combined with Akamai cloud-based technology, help organizations to be protected during DDoS attack.

Emergency Response Services:

help prepare for and withstand security breaches effectively with around-the-clock access to our experts.

SCADA Security Services:

Evaluate the effectiveness of the SCADA security management program against industry best practices and regulations.

Secure by Design

“Secure by design” means that security is not an afterthought, but is factored into a solution right from the design phase on. IBM Research works on various projects that implement the secure-by-design principle. Fully Homomorphic Encryption is an excellent example: it allows one to compute arbitrary functions over encrypted data without the decryption key.

For more information on related IBM Security solutions & Research projects please follow the links below:

IBM Research Fully Homomorphic Encryption

IBM Research Identity Mixer:

ensures that an individual’s real identity, including personal attributes and behavior profiles, are never exposed to a service provider without the individual’s consent.

IBM Security AppScan:

enables organizations to assess the security of their applications and achieve regulatory compliance

Application Security Services:

help organizations effectively leverage their web usage to the benefit their employees and business-critical applications.

Lydia Feraud
IBM Research Project Manager Solution Demonstration Support