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IBM Client Center

Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics

IBM Client Center. Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics.


An industry solution center to help companies transforming the lifetime of relationships between people and organizations

Today, organizations across industries face higher expectations than ever from their constituents whether that means their clients, employees, partners, citizens or patients. They want quick answers and easy access to insights to help them make informed decisions and move on with their lives. The Watson Corner part of the Global Industry Solution Center La Gaude, France is helping companies from all over the world to address these challenges. With innovative business solutions the center helps companies transforming the way people and organizations interact over the lifetime of their relationships.

The Watson Corner offers tailored executive work sessions either on site in La Gaude or at client site, exchanges with subject matter experts, discussion around the market trends and best practices, experimentation of innovative industry solutions with the demonstrations of live prototypes.

Get ready to re-think your expectations of technology

The Watson experts of the Global Industry Solution Center are demonstrating several solutions addressing several industries. For example, in Healthcare solutions help improving quality of care and patients experience. For Financial Services and Telecommunication, they support call center and improve customer knowledge experience.

Along with demonstrations of solutions the Watson experts present IBM Watson giving an excellent way to think "out of the box" and explore future opportunities for businesses.

To initiate a journey please contact your IBM Sales representative.

The IBM Client Center at La Gaude

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IBM Client Center at La Gaude is a unique center to discover the latest innovations from IBM,