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Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics

IBM Client Center. Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics.

Smarter Cities Center of Excellence

An industry solution center to accompany forward-thinking cities

Cities today are facing significant challenges including increasing populations, aging infrastructures and declining budgets. The Smarter Cities Center of Excellence (CoE) located at IBM La Gaude, France is helping Cities and regional governments from all over the world to address these challenges. With innovative IT technologies it can help the cities to transform city operations and improve their efficiency by providing actionable insight.

The Smarter Cities CoE offers tailored executive work sessions either on site in La Gaude or at the client site, exchanges with subject matter experts, discussions on the market trends and best practices, trials of innovative industry solutions with demonstrations of live prototypes and development of proof of concepts.


Smarter Cities @ The Global Industry Solution Center Nice - Sophia Antipolis

Cities represent a set of interconnected systems. A number of prioritized key systems are available to support the overall city livability.

Planning & management bring together a plan for each city to reach its full potential for citizens and businesses, whilst operating efficiently on a day basis.
Infrastructure services make a city work more efficiently for citizens and businesses in delivering fundamental city services.
Human services are centered on supporting the citizens' needs. Consider workforce services, social programs and healthcare, education.


Smarter Transportation

IBM Intelligent Transportation provides citywide traffic visibility to alleviate congestion and react to incident- response. It includes traffic prediction and vehicle awareness prediction unique features combining statistical time-series techniques with network flow theory.

VEOLIA Transdev Smarter Mobility delivers new multi-modal mobility services to end-users, including predictive and real-time personal journey assistance.

Intelligent Operations Center for Cloud provides a city operations command center view and event visualization console delivered as a subscription service.

Smarter Building

Solutions enabling Facilities Managers and Real estate Executives to better manage energy and space utilization of their facilities, to reduce operating costs, and to be ready for the new lease accounting standards.

IBM Tririga provides a single, integrated workplace management system to manage the life cycle of facilities.

IBM Tririga Energy Optimization lowers building operating costs by consolidating building information and by performing analytics which identify energy optimization opportunities.

IBM Maximo Extension for Building Information Models offers cost reductions by improving operation and maintenance efficiency.

Smarter Public Safety

Smart Vision Suite Video analytics solution allowing greater awareness, more effective investigation and evidence, with coordination and proportional response.

I2 solutions provide security investigators and analysts with comprehensive multi-dimensional analysis capabilities.

Risk Management Platform allows the right coordination of resources into day to day or crisis operations by leveraging information and anticipating problems. Situational awareness and predictive tools are used by decision makers.

Communication Hub & Collaboration Systems connect unified communications between Land Mobile Radios, IP communication devices/applications, and public telephone networks.

IBM Intelligent Operation Center (IOC)

The IOC provides integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration and deep analytics that can help leaders to prepare for unexpected events before they arise, to coordinate and manage problems as they occur, therefore improving the efficiency of a city's operations.

City and Government leaders use the IOC to address a broad range of management and operations needs including areas such as airports, city operations, emergency management, energy, healthcare, parks and recreation, harbors, stadium operations, transportation and water utilities.

Smarter Healthcare

IBM's Healthcare solutions, technology and consulting enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency within their operations; to collaborate and improve outcomes; to integrate with new partners for a more sustainable, personalized and patient-centric system focused on added value.

IBM Global Healthcare Center of Excellence at Nice-Sophia Antipolis focuses on providing solutions for Digital Hospitals, regional, national, pan-national eHealth systems, Patient Care Coordination and Healthcare Analytics. Watson technologies, including current status in Healthcare, can be shared and demonstrated on site.

Smarter, More Competitive Cities

The experts of the Smarter Cities CoE are demonstrating several solutions focusing on three imperatives in line with clients’ needs: leveraging information to make better decisions, anticipating and resolving problems proactively, coordinating resources to operations more efficiently. The solutions are using new technologies such as Smarter Analytics, Mobility, Social Business, Smarter Commerce and Cloud.

View the list of the solutions:

At the end of their journey at the Smarter Cities CoE the clients have gained a clear understanding of the business value generated by the IBM solutions and how those solutions can help them to transform their operations to stay competitive, maximize the resources at their disposal and lay the groundwork for transformation. To initiate a journey please contact your IBM Sales representative.

Introducing "The Smarter City" series

The modern city is a system of systems. When collaboration is encouraged, progress results.