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IBM Client Center

Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics

IBM Client Center. Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics.


PureSystems solutions to help companies transforming the IT lifecycle.

As data grows more and more complex, a simpler approach to managing IT is needed. Expert integrated systems fundamentally changes the IT lifecycle reducing costs, saving time and resources and speeding innovation for your enterprise. The Client Center located at IBM La Gaude, France is helping companies from all over the world to address these challenges. With innovative IT technologies the center helps companies to trigger innovative project, think out of the box and explore new business opportunities while simultaneously drive greater efficiency and agility to make them smarter.

The Client Centre offers tailored executive work sessions either on site in La Gaude or at client site, exchanges with subject matter experts, discussion around the market trends and best practices, experimentation of innovative industry solutions with the demonstrations of live prototypes and development of proof of concept for Banking and Insurance.

Get ready for IBM PureSystems
As Client or Partners, you have the opportunity to work and exchange with 20 Subject Matter Experts with PureSystems and Industry Expertise and can access all the assets of the PureSystems family.

At the end of their journey at the PureSytems Centre the clients have gained a clear understanding of the business value generated by the IBM solutions and how those solutions can help them to articulate a vision and meeting the challenges of today and the foreseeable future.

To initiate a journey please contact your IBM Sales representative.

The IBM Client Center at La Gaude

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IBM Client Center at La Gaude is a unique center to discover the latest innovations from IBM,


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