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IBM Client Center

Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics

IBM Client Center. Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics.

Industry Solution Center for Insurance

Is your insurance organization looking for innovative ways to reduce costs and improve agility? Are you considering automating important tasks, but want to maintain the quality of service you provide to customers?

Automating your processes down to the work task can help your company optimize tasks requiring manual intervention in areas such as claims, application processing and policy servicing to improve overall operations, leverage the enterprise warehouse to facilitate regulatory compliance.

Innovative business models combined with new technology help eliminate operational redundancies, and deploy the most efficient use of human resources. Innovation is also key to providing new levels of self-service needed to support a generation of agents and consumers that are highly mobile and work in real-time.

IBM Solutions for Insurance

Properties and casualties solutions are based on the Insurance Process Acceleration framework and demonstrate front office/back office service oriented integration.

Life and Annuities solutions demonstrate IBM end to end integration solution for life Insurance undersrinting and policy administration.

Risk and Compliance solutions showcase a Solvency II prototype based on the IBM Integrated Risk Management framework.

Your journey at IBM Client Center, La Gaude

The IBM Client Center at La Gaude

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IBM Client Center at La Gaude is a unique center to discover the latest innovations from IBM,