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Energy & Utilities Solutions Center

Get into gear with smarter solutions

The Energy & Utilities Solutions Center is an innovative pre-sales platform which aligns industry skills, live business solution illustrations and a world class immersive environment. This Center located in La Gaude, France, is part of the IBM Business Solution Center and leverages the Center of Excellence for Nuclear Power, and the other centers of competencies part of the IBM Business Solution Center.

The Center houses solutions in all areas of the Energy & Utilities industry, from energy generation to customer operations. It facilitates discussions on major client pain points and global industry trends, and allows understanding client needs, exploring technical options and business approaches towards confirming the value for the client. As a result, this experience will increase the pertinence of the solution, totally focused upon addressing current Energy & Utilities industry issues and governments stimulus package discussions. The Energy & Utilities Solutions Center offers efficient support to develop and to agree to client solutions.

Our energy can be made smart. It can be managed like the complex global system it is.

  • Everything can be instrumented: from the meter in the home to the valves in the plants, to the network itself. All of this instrumentation then generates new data, which advanced analytics can turn into insight, so that better decisions can be made in real time. Decisions by individuals and businesses on how they can consume more efficiently. Decisions by utility companies on how they can better manage delivery and balance loads. Decisions by governments and societies on how to preserve our environment. The whole system can become more efficient, reliable, adaptive…smart.

Entering the digital age with IBM…

During your journey in the center you will be able to touch point how IBM’s business solutions can help you to enter the digital age through customized live demonstrations, coupled with an in-depth industry knowledge. You will participate in unique worksessions lead by worldclass Subject Matter Experts using real integrated functional solutions.

Solutions portfolio

The tested and proven Business solutions support customer interaction, service delivery, operations and enterprise integration across the utility value chain:

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Energy and Utilities Solutions Center: get into gear with smarter solutions

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