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IBM Client Center

Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics

IBM Client Center. Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics.

The Energy & Utilities Solutions Center located at IBM La Gaude, France is helping companies from all over the world to leverage the transformation of the energy value chain.
The center harnesses innovative technologies such as Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and industry knowledge to support companies in their journey to optimize power generation performance, transform the utility network and improve customer operations.

The solution center delivers several client experiences in tailored formats, such as:

Subject matter experts meet and exchange with clients in a way that drives collaborative conversations and promotes innovative thinking. Demonstrations of live integrated prototype solutions illustrate the reality of “state of the art” capabilities and give a clear understanding of the business value of the solution. Clients get access to these capabilities either at their own site, remotely via videoconferences or by visiting the IBM Client Center in La Gaude (close to Nice, France), a premier place to draw on IBM expertise.

Our solutions will help your company:

By collecting and analyzing key performance and sensor data, it is possible to understand patterns that lead to equipment failure.
IBM solutions help improve Generation Performance with cross functional collaboration, maximizing asset life, as well as optimizing renewable energy.

Issues such as understanding which components of the network are being stressed, identifying where future investments should be made and which conditions are indicative of future outages for immediate or planned action. IBM’s product portfolio can help transform the grid from a rigid analog system to a smart, dynamic, digital, connected and automated energy delivery system.

IBM’s product portfolio empowers consumers by providing them with near real-time, detailed information about their energy usage combined with improved customer service capabilities exploiting multi-channel delivery and social media. In deregulated and competitive markets, this includes advanced customer marketing techniques.

IBM offers a range of water management solutions to improve operations, enhance efficiency, and better manage the water infrastructure. IBM solutions aim to help water utility companies and cities to capitalize on advanced technologies to sustain water availability and reduce service disruptions.

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The IBM Client Center at La Gaude

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IBM Client Center at La Gaude is a unique center to discover the latest innovations from IBM,