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Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics

IBM Client Center. Access a World of Knowledge around Analytics.


Collaborate smarter with remote colleagues as if you were in the same room

Now is an ideal time to use DirectPresence technology for your business meetings without having to travel. It is a real-time, life-like communications solution for interaction between the leadership team and locations across the world.

You can experience the benefits of this high-definition video and high-quality audio conference technology today at IBM Client Center, La Gaude, France.
DirectPresence is available in 13 IBM locations equipped with a DirectPresence room: Bangalore, Beijing, Boulder, Hawthorne, Hortolândia, La Gaude, Raleigh, Shanghai, Singapore, Somers, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. DirectPresence sessions can be integrated into clients and business partners’ agendas at IBM Client Center, La Gaude.

In today’s business environment, people need to be constantly interconnected both inside and outside the company. Scarce decision-making resources imply high opportunity cost for travel and other lost time. DirectPresence is an innovative, new technology that creates unique and in-person experiences between people, places and events in their work and personal lives, over the network. It redefines how you communicate and transforms the way we do business.
The DirectPresence equipment is based on the Cisco CTS 3000 technology.

The DirectPresence meeting solution in La Gaude delivers:

The IBM Client Center at La Gaude

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IBM Client Center at La Gaude is a unique center to discover the latest innovations from IBM,