Investing in productivity is, well, productive.

Let’s discuss Canada’s potential

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It’s time to take Canada to the next level.

A study by The Conference Board of Canada shows that Canada is currently ranked 22nd in the world in business innovation and 26th in business sophistication.


Source: Center for the Study of Living Standards 
The reason: we're not investing enough. For every dollar that US businesses invest in IT, Canadian businesses invest 59 cents.


But these statistics aren’t a forecast for doom and gloom. In fact, they represent an opportunity for Canadian leaders in business and government to think smartly about how they prepare for the future.


When we embrace the transformative power that investing in technology can bring, a world of possibilities opens up before us.



Conversations for Change aims to explore the causes of Canada’s lack of innovation and lagging productivity rating, while offering relevant information and examples of businesses overcoming the issues.


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