Current Events 2015

IBM Finance Forum 2015

IBM Finance Forum is for finance professionals, who want to learn how business analytics can provide the visibility, insight and control needed to drive profitable growth and manage risk in today's economy. If you're ready to help your business make better decisions by anticipating the future, then you don't want to miss IBM Finance Forum 2015. With keynotes sessions, client speakers, finance professionals like you will learn about some of the industry's latest practices and cutting-edge analytic tools that can help your business become a "future-ready" enterprise.

IBM Smarter Storage

Making good business decisions relies on being able to analyze available information. Can you analyze the vast amount and wide variety of information you have - not just structured data in databases but also email, images, audio, video and more - to be able to make the decisions that can keep you ahead of the market? Can you afford to keep adding disks ? Energy and management costs are becoming prohibitive - but you can't afford not to store and take advantage of this data. How do you strike this balance?

Join us at the Smarter Storage event and see solutions that show how IBM Storage solutions can help you take advantage of the breakthrough economics of Smarter Computing. You will see how IBM Storage solutions can help you:

IBM Finance Forum Doha 2015

The IBM Finance Forum is a global series of complimentary events designed for the finance executive seeking to apply analytics in management decision making to anticipate and shape business outcomes more effectively.

IBM Cloud and Analytics for Industries

IBM has announced several breakthroughs in technology that are bigger, better, faster and more efficient than ever - for cloud, big data and analytics, for mobile and for social. These innovations in infrastructure can help you embrace new workloads, make better and faster decisions, drive consumer engagement and more. Join us at the event as we unveil these technologies at our Infrastructure Matters event, brought all the way to the Saudi Arabian eastern region in Al Jubail for you to take a behind - the - scenes look into what drives these innovations by engaging in interactive digital experiences with our servers.

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