Building the application user interface with Flex

Tap into Flex and ActionScript for a user interface that connects DB2-powered Web services

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Joe Lennon

Date archived: September 6, 2016 | Last updated: November 03, 2009|First published: October 20, 2009

The pureXML® capabilities of IBM DB2® allow you to store XML natively in a database without modification, while Adobe® Flex® applications can read XML directly and populate Flex user interfaces. In this three-part article series, you will create a microblogging application that takes advantage of pureXML, Web services, and Adobe Flex; and even allows you to publish your microblogging updates on Twitter. In Part 1 of the series, you learned about Web Services and how they are enabled using DB2 pureXML as you created the microblog database and tested it. In this article, Part 2 of the series, you will tap into Adobe Flex and ActionScript® to create the user interface of the application.

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ArticleTitle=Leveraging pureXML in a Flex microblogging application, Part 2: Building the application user interface with Flex