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Build your skills and win business

Whether you are following up from a sale or engaging on a new sale, the IBM Software Services for WebSphere Partner Services Practice is dedicated to help you succeed.

Increase revenue now and profit margin over time

Customer requests increasingly lead toward the implementation of more comprehensive solutions that span across the IBM WebSphere portfolio and other software solutions. As marketing and business leaders look to better understand and reach their customers at an individual level, most projects now involve some level of analytics, intelligence, process automation, connectivity, and mobile building blocks.

The role our Business Partners must play, therefore, has evolved to one in which they not only must think about what is needed and how it will address the business requirements, but also help identify some of the underlying requirements to successfully deploy such solutions; for example, integrating all the components, implementing best practices, security, scalability, and performance.

The Business Partner role can no longer bring just a portion of the implementation — it needs to have all the pieces covered and working together. An ongoing partnership between a Business Partner and the IBM Software Services for WebSphere Partner Services Practice can drive larger deals and strengthen relationships with customers by leveraging the complementary skills needed to deliver the overall solution.

Business Partners leveraging their relationship with the Partner Services Practice see an immediate increase in their revenue potential by being able to take on more complex and comprehensive implementation projects, and, over time, an increase in margins associated with these types of projects as we transfer skills to their teams.

Win more business while building up your skills

Growing revenue, margin, and skills can be addressed through four programs tailored to meet your needs while delivering value to your customers:

  • Mentoring: We help you behind the scenes

    Whether you recognize that you don't have all the experience you need and reaching out to an expert is important, or you need support during a pre-sales activity, you can control your costs by bringing in experts only when needed to help close the deal or answer questions. Put the best proposal in front of your customers by building up your Tiger Team only for opportunities that need additional knowledge. We accomplish this through ad hoc bursts of service based on your needs, or through delivery of intensely focused workshops. We offer a variety of workshops; however, because each Business Partner is different, the Partner Services Practice also delivers custom workshops geared toward the skill gaps that need to be filled.

  • Shadowing: We do it with you

    If you do not have the skills or enough experience for a project, or want IBM to complement your team to win the business, we will partner with you, and bring the needed skills and experience to help you win and implement the solution, while providing you with an on-the-job learning opportunity. This is a great solution to increase your closing rate by bringing the right skills to the table, get your team to learn from IBM subject matter experts, and expand the types of solutions you can offer to your customers.

  • Standard services: We do it for you

    In the standard model, as a subcontractor, IBM brings the needed skills to the table and mitigates the risk associated with delivering the solution to your customer. This is a great way for you to take on business when you don’t yet have all the skills, or lack the bandwidth to meet your customer's timeline.

  • ISIS: Best practices for your implementation team’s DNA

    You can now license the Application and Integration Middleware Methodology, starting with Smarter Process and Decision Management. Apply IBM’s proven best practices to your projects for increased predictability, quality, and risk mitigation when implementing a Quick Win Pilot or conducting a Discovery Workshop.

Video: Accelerate Success with Partner Services


In this 5-minute Ignite Talk, IBM Partner Success Manager Phil Turpault gives an overview of the IBM Software Practice Accelerator Program. This program offers business partners implementation training, mentoring, coaching and accreditation to help partners deliver successful solutions to their clients.

Where to start

It's essential to form the right partnership to grow your business and capture new opportunities. An investment in building solutions and skills on IBM technology provides a long-term competitive advantage, and holds the potential for increased opportunities and business.