IBM Expert Access

Access to the deep skills you need — when you need them — from Software Services and Support

Our Expert Access Services staff (formerly On Demand Consulting) has the deepest skills within IBM and is used throughout our own organization on our most complex projects. The flexibility of this model and the range of expertise within the Expert Access Services resource pool allow IBM to bridge critical skill gaps in your newly formed decision management team and reduce completion time for deliverables that may limit the productivity of your resources. Contact us for more information and to answer any questions about how we can help you.

Expert Access Services

Video: IBM Expert Access Services

IBM Expert Access Services video

Sree Ratnasinghe explains how IBM Expert Access Services can help you achieve success and self-sufficiency with IBM products and cloud solutions by using a unique blend of on demand consulting and mentoring services.

Video: IBM Expert Access Services & IBM Accelerated Value Program


Sree Ratnasinghe and Alex Lewis describe the fundamental differences between IBM Expert Access Services and IBM Accelerated Value Program, and the complementary features and benefits to clients when these offerings are brought together.

Video: Expert Access Services for BPM

IBM Expert Access Services video for BPM

Trevor Pearson explains how subscription-based Expert Access Services (formerly On Demand Consulting) enables clients by providing flexible, timely access to deeply-skilled Smarter Process consultants who can provide the help they need with design implementations, troubleshooting, architecture, and more.