IBM Software Accelerated Value Program

This proactive, cost-reducing, productivity-enhancing advisory service is the next generation of software support

The WebSphere IBM Software Accelerated Value Program pairs you with an assigned single point of contact that works alongside you. We build your contract to specifically meet your needs and price point, help you to have leadership where you need it, and bring the right expertise by creating a combination of services that:

  • Services team


    Providing assistance to remove barriers to software adoption, and delivering knowledge and expertise.

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    Reducing technical problems, performing advanced analysis, and minimizing implementation errors.

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    Applying knowledge of your environment, pushing client filtered content across business units, and building team competencies.

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Program components

Our experts will help guide you through choosing a customizable Accelerated Value Program solution to meet the goals and demands within your business.

Video: IBM Expert Access Services & IBM Accelerated Value Program


Sree Ratnasinghe and Alex Lewis describe the fundamental differences between IBM Expert Access Services and IBM Accelerated Value Program, and the complementary features and benefits to clients when these offerings are brought together.

Video: IBM Software Accelerated Value Program


Alex Lewis and Ken McQuade of IBM Software Group explain the approach and benefits of the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program — a customizable essential service for any size IT infrastructure with IBM software products.

Video: IBM WebSphere Accelerated Value Leader


Lee Perlov describes the IBM Accelerated Value Program, how it differs from IBM Software Services and IBM Support, and where you can find more information.

Some of our AVP experts

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