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Innovation, deep skills, proven successes, and a software development heritage set our consultants apart. Not only are our experts helping clients deploy successful IBM software solutions, but they are also teaching, inventing, speaking, and publishing. We are proud to present the individuals that define us. Here, you can get to know a little more about members of our team.

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Don Vines

Migrating from Oracle WebLogic Integration to IBM BPM

Don Vines, leader of the IBM Worldwide Competitive Migration Team, introduces a developerWorks article series that describes the process and tools available to help you migrate applications from Oracle WLI to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced.


Geoff Hambrick

The Evolution and Future of Patterns

BM Distinguished Engineer Geoff Hambrick talks with Chris Rothemich about the evolution of patterns and what we can expect to see in the future.


Ricardo Olivieri

Applying BPM to IBM internal processes for reduced costs and improved flexibility

ISSW consultant Ricardo Olivieri talks about how IBM is using BPM in internal service engagements to automate business processes and reduce costs.


Peter Santoro, Michelle Murrin & Michael Keith

Partnering for success with emerging technologies

IBM Software Services for WebSphere Managers Peter Santoro, Michelle Murrin and Mike Keith talk about how ISSW helps clients succeed with new products and emerging technologies, such as mobile, ISSW's relationship to IBM software development labs, and how partnering with ISSW can help you win regardless of how you define success.

Articles by our consultants

Our consultants routinely contribute technical articles, tutorials, and more to IBM developerWorks.

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Keep up to date with our consultants as they apply technologies and best practices in the real world.

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Find IBM Press books for professionals and academia authored by our consultants.