Smarter Process solution priorities

Experience the fastest path to long-term Smarter Process success

Our commitment to your Smarter Process success includes an initial BPM adoption project success in 10 weeks, assistance in building key competencies, and a proven methodology for achieving greater business impact.

Fastest path to value

Achieving business value through collaborative development opens the door to organization-wide BPM

  • The IBM Quick Win Pilot for Business Process Management is an important first step in your Smarter Process journey -- building the foundation for you to deploy BPM-enabled process improvements in as few as 10 weeks. The result will significantly accelerate your ability to build key business and technology sponsorship, as well as jumpstart the development of critical solution delivery assets and skills.

    To succeed with BPM implementation and enterprise adoption, business and IT resources must collaboratively deliver value in successive iterations. The IBM Quick Win Pilot assures BPM success with our innovative, well-defined Process Playback method that progressively defines, builds, and validates each release with your process stakeholders.

    By applying best practice methods, your initial solution serves as both an organization-specific reference for technical patterns and an internal proof-point of value. Your stakeholders provide feedback at each two-week iteration to drive the direction of the process solution, and your project team is given a structured opportunity to internalize learning from IBM experts.

    This proven approach results in higher levels of both user acceptance for your solution and commitment to iterative solution delivery.

    The IBM Quick Win Pilot for Business Process Management:

    • Is an expert-led delivery project that achieves tangible business value within a very short timeframe (10 weeks).
    • Builds your first BPM project at a known price that positions your team to build upon and gain sponsorship to foster incremental BPM adoption.
    • Involves seasoned IBM experts using a proven iterative approach and collaboration with internal teams to kick-start enablement and deliver quick ROI.
    • Produces an early win to accelerate BPM adoption.
    • Promotes collaboration between your business and IT stakeholders.
    • Establishes a demonstrable internal reference for proven process and decision management best practices.
    • Helps build a case for additional uses of BPM.

Fastest path to self- sufficiency

Building key competencies is key to long-term adoption of BPM

  • Your team's ability to execute and leverage the benefits of BPM autonomously is a top priority. Our innovative training, mentoring, and on demand consulting can help you grow BPM into an accepted platform within your organization.


    Ensuring that BPM success becomes a fundamental part of your organization starts with closing your team's BPM skill gap.

    WebSphere Education takes a holistic approach to helping you build BPM skills across all roles -- including all technical and business roles -- that are involved in creating all types of BPM implementations, from basic to complex. Our course curriculum offers skill building opportunities in development, administration, process design best practices, and much more. Plus, courses are available in several convenient formats, including traditional classroom and online.


    IBM Solution Mentoring is an innovative approach to BPM project implementation that provides the optimal blend of independent teamwork and expert guidance through all critical project lifecycle activities.

    Unlike traditional mentoring approaches, IBM's structured mentoring approach is designed to ensure that your team learns all the critical elements of IBM's BPM implementation methodology and how to apply them using our experience-based best practices. This is accomplished through a prescribed combination of structured best practice sessions and shoulder-to-shoulder guidance, applied at appropriate times throughout your project implementation lifecycle.

    Our innovative mentoring approach has proven to be extremely effective at not only helping your team deliver a successful project, but also helping them become prepared for self-sufficient delivery of future projects.

    On demand consulting

    As your organization progresses through the stages of BPM transformation, your requirements for assistance will evolve corresponding to the changing volume, types, and depth of skills you will need to build on your team. While your team might require assistance on BPM fundamentals during initial projects, later projects following more experience and increasing self-sufficiency might require only occasional -- but much more advanced -- assistance. In addition, as BPM implementations in your organization increase, so will the demand for those skills.

    IBM On Demand Consulting is a subscription-based service that enables you to own your implementations while having assistance readily available as you move toward full process maturity. This innovative model provides just-in-time access to our best talent -- with minimal notice and maximum cost effectiveness -- helping you to mitigate risks and speed time to completion.

    On demand consulting offers 24 hour availability for filing an inquiry -- ranging from how-to and design consultations to advice on best practices and troubleshooting -- and access to active interactions with senior development and deployment consultants as they work through your question.

    Available in standard and dedicated tiers, on demand consulting can meet the needs of small teams, large enterprise projects, and anything in between. This scalable model increases your ROI through reduced IT spending, successful execution of simultaneous projects, and by building your team's capabilities and expertise to ensure long-term self-sufficiency.

    IBM On Demand Consulting is revolutionizing the way consulting services are delivered, and plays a major role in driving deeper adoption of BPM within an organization:

    • Gain access to IBM's deepest BPM expertise just-in-time and avoid inefficient trial and error.
    • Leverage our innovative on-demand engagement model to achieve a more cost-effective way to scale your team's self-sufficiency without sacrificing quality.
    • Leverage weekly meetings with an expert BPM delivery lead to proactively assess and manage project and program risk.
    • Scale your team's skill and capacity and let IBM On Demand Consulting take delivery ownership for your most complex development tasks.
    • Gain access and support for IBM community toolkits and other applicable utilities.

Fastest path to sustaining transformation

A proven prescription for achieving greater business impactA proven prescription for achieving greater business impact

  • Adopting BPM is a journey, and our proven, prescriptive approach and enablers to BPM make up the foundation that will lead you to meet your BPM transformation goals. On your BPM journey, we'll help you:

    • Identify your business challenge and find an opportunity in your organization that can show the value of BPM
      We'll help you perform structured discovery around opportunities, establish business priorities and objectives, help you identify a strategic, BPM-relevant opportunity for an initial project, and build a plan for your BPM skills and potential.
    • Accelerate your path to value with the success of an initial project
      Achieving an initial project success demonstrates the immediate business value of BPM as a solution approach that can deliver rapid business impact. It also establishes strong credibility with business stakeholders, builds foundational platform skills, and helps grow internal support that fosters new adoption.
    • Establish a formal BPM program that enables you to deliver BPM solutions repeatedly, reliably, and consistently
      As your organization expands into more projects with higher complexity, a BPM program that gives you scaled delivery capability across multiple projects is necessary. Establishing an internal delivery-focused center of excellence creates a critical mass of platform skills and a track record for consistency in governance and delivery.
    • Progressively integrate BPM into lines of business and the enterprise
      To achieve complete business transformation, BPM must go beyond being an IT capability to becoming embedded in the way you do business. Creating meaningful alignment between your BPM program and key business strategies enables you to scale up the business impact of BPM to meet company-wide demand, grow maturity in platform skills and solution discipline, and help you ensure the transformation is sustainable while continuing the support and enablement of rapid change.

    Our structured service offerings are designed to help you navigate the critical transition between each journey stage, maintain your momentum toward greater business impact, and focus on delivering the outcomes you want. Our superior delivery methodology and templates can also accelerate project schedules, optimize your ability to deliver value, and maintain acceptable levels of delivery risk.

Client Solution Managers for your long-term success

A commitment to your BPM success

  • IBM is invested in your long-term success with BPM. To ensure you succeed, we assign a dedicated Client Solution Manager to provide guidance and practical experience at every stage of your journey, helping you to understand the capabilities your organization will need in terms of BPM maturity, and to provide the resources to help you get there.

    Your Client Solution Manager is focused on your long-term adoption of BPM. Each Client Solution Manager also has a dedicated team of Solution Architects and BPM Practice Managers who work together to make sure that your team leverages and maximizes the best training and services applicable to your needs. With deep knowledge of process and decision management, as well as all IBM software agility products, your Client Solution Manager will work with you to help you understand and work through every step of your BPM roadmap.