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Making your portal multilingual: Configuring WebSphere Portal V5 to use WebSphere Translation Server V5


Level: Intermediate

Kulvir Singh Bhogal (, Software Services for WebSphere, Fort Worth, TX, IBM
Brad Bouldin (, Software Engineer, IBM

29 Jun 2004

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In this tutorial, you see how to set up IBM® WebSphere® Portal to use WebSphere Translation Server. You see how WebSphere Translation Server can perform machine translation services for portlets on demand. You will be able to translate your entire portal site (or selected portlets) from one country language to another; for example, from English to Spanish, or French to English).

This tutorial is intended for portal administrators and developers who want to present their WebSphere Portal V5.0 content globally to audiences speaking different languages. You should have basic knowledge of WebSphere Portal V5.0 administration, and basic installation experience.


  • Configure WebSphere Portal V5.0 to use WebSphere Translation Server to provide portlet translation services.

  • Verify that WebSphere Translation Server is installed and configured, and can translate text from one language to another.

  • Configure portlets for translation.

  • Add the double-byte language sets to the WebSphere Translation Server installation.


Prior to starting the tutorial, you should already have WebSphere Portal installed.

System requirements

You will need the following software:

  1. WebSphere Portal Server Version 5.0 (Extend or Enable) for Windows installed.
  2. WepSphere Portal Server Version 5.0 (Extend or Enable) product CDs available.


2 hours



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