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WebSphere Distributed Transaction Support for a JMS Provider


Level: Intermediate

Gang Chen (, Consulting I/T Specialist, IBM

16 Sep 2003

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IBM® WebSphere® Application Server is a leading Java™ transaction server that lets the customer run transactional business logic. As a transaction manager, WebSphere Application Server supports the coordination of resource managers, such as a relational database, and JMS providers through their XAResource interface, and participates in distributed global transactions using the two-phase commit protocol.

This tutorial configures WebSphere Application Server Version 4 and 5 with SonicMQ Evaluation Edition Version 5, a generic JMS provider. It highlights the generic JMS provider and two-phase commit transaction support available under WebSphere Application Server Version 4 and 5. The same concepts and descriptions are applicable to any XA enabled JMS providers. The sample application code included in this tutorial demonstrates various usages of messaging in this environment. Special emphasis is placed on configuring this environment to support two-phase commit/XA transactions using IBM DB2 UDB and SonicMQ, with WebSphere acting as the transaction coordinator.

This tutorial is intended for IT architect and WebSphere administrators who would like to use and implement WebSphere application server two phase commit transaction feature with generic JMS providers.


  • Configure DB2 database to support two-phase commit transactions.

  • Prepare a generic JMS provider -- SonicMQ.

  • Configure the WebSphere JDBC provider and data source.

  • Configure the WebSphere generic JMS providers.

  • Deploy and test the sample application.


  1. General knowledge of WebSphere.
  2. Understand the basic concept of distributed transactions.
  3. General knowledge of messaging systems and JMS standards.

System requirements

You will need the following software:

  1. Windows 2000 Pro Service Pack 3
  2. WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5
  3. WebSphere Application Server Version 5 (base)
  4. WebSphere Application Server Version 4 Advanced Edition
  5. IBM DB2 UDB 7.2 with fixpack 7 for Windows
  6. SonicMQ Version 5.0 Evaluation Edition


4 hours



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