Applying the State Pattern to WebSphere Portal V5 Portlets, Part 1. Overview

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Tim Hanis, Skyler Thomas, and Chris Gerken

Date archived: January 3, 2017 | First published: December 03, 2003

IBM ® WebSphere® Portal (hereafter called WebSphere Portal) provides a platform for building enterprise applications. Developers are using it to build portals and portlets that display extremely complex behavior, well beyond the simple HelloWorld portlet. The J2EE™ model provides well-defined frameworks to handle complex page flows in the servlet world. Portlet developers need the analagous frameworks to support their portlets. This paper describes a state transition pattern which you can apply to portlets developed to the WebSphere Portal V5 Portlet API (also known as Portlet API 1.2).

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ArticleTitle=Applying the State Pattern to WebSphere Portal V5 Portlets: Part 1. Overview