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Meet the experts: What's new in the WebSphere BPM V6.1.2 product suite


Level: Intermediate

Eric Herness (, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Christina Lau (, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Michael Gilfix (, Lead Architect, IBM

13 Aug 2008
Updated 21 Aug 2008

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On August 21st, WebSphere® experts Eric Herness, Christina Lau, and Michael Gilfix discussed and answered questions about the WebSphere Business Process Management (BPM) V6.1.2 product suite. The suite provides foundational offerings in the IBM BPM Suite that makes it easier for you to get started with BPM. The chat covered using business space and REST to enable the portfolio, using the asset repository for BPM, the integration of WebSphere Business Modeler and WebSphere Business Services Fabric, and extending the reach of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to mobile devices.


This chat is for business and technical users who are interested in the WebSphere BPM V6.1.2 product suite.

About this chat

This chat is over. See the download below for the transcript. Thanks for your participation!


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About the moderators

Author photo

Eric Herness is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and is the Chief Architect for Business Process Management (BPM) and WebSphere Business Integration products in the Application Integration Middleware (AIM) Division of the Software Group. Eric is a senior member of the WebSphere Foundation Architecture Board and a member of the Software Group Architecture Board Steering Committee.

Eric's screen name for this chat is EricHerness.

Author photo

Christina Lau is a Distinguished Engineer and leads the BPM Architecture and Advanced Technology Team, focusing on future BPM technologies and consumability improvements in the IBM BPM offerings.

Christina's screen name for this chat is christinalau.

Author photo

Michael Gilfix is a Lead Architect for the WebSphere BPM products. He is focused on Web architecture and technologies and is a lead architect for the WebSphere BPM Business Space component.

Michael's screen name for this chat is mgilfix.

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